4 Reverse DNS providers to check out

Reverse DNS is a must, especially if you want to run your own email server. Without it, there is a high chance that the emails going out of your email server will fall straight into the SPAM folder, where they will never be seen. So, having a reliable Reverse DNS provider is a must for many. Here we have 4 Reverse DNS providers to check out. All of them offer great services at a competitive price.


CloudDNS is a very solid choice. It has a wide variety of DNS features and many plans to choose from. The DNS plans of this provider that include Revere DNS start at just $2.95 per month (Premium S). It is a very affordable price, and you still get great features like DNSSEC, Secondary DNS, All types of DNS records, DNS branding, HTTP API, customer support, 8 Anycast servers, and 34 points of presence (PoP).

The limits that you will experience for that price are: 25 DNS zones, 1000 DNS records, 5 000 000 queries per month, and 1 DNS Failover and monitor check.

Not bad at all! And you can easily expand the limits with another plan. You can add DDoS protection and GeoDNS.


DNSimple has a more simple approach to plans and offers only 3 options – Personal for $6 per month, Professional for $30 per month, and Business for $300 per month. Unfortunately, the first one does not support Revere DNS, so $30 per month will be your cheapest option. You will get Unlimited DNS records and DNS queries for that price, which is great! You will also get Let’s Encrypt SSL Wildcard certificates, 2FA for you and all your administrators, HTTPS redirects, 99% SLA, Anycast DNS, Multi-layered DDoS Defence, DNSSEC. Honestly, this is the best plan from the company. Going to the higher Business plan ($300/month), what you will improve is the SLA (100%), add Vanity Name servers, and have priority support.


It is another one, with just 3 paid plans, starting at just $20 per year for Managed DNS (plan Standard Anycast DNS). To this amount, you should include the price for Reverse DNS service, which starts at $24.95 per year. Still, it is a very attractive offer. Here you will have fewer name servers (3) and PoP (15). The DNS queries will be limited to 1 000 000 per month with a chance to upgrade to Pro Anycast DNS for $40 per year. Other features that you will get from the starting plan are unlimited DNS records, Dynamic DNS, IPv6 support, DNSSEC, and Geo-based restrictions.


No-IP is a total behemoth! It has 100 PoP around the globe! Your domain will definitely have a great presence, no matter if your business is located in Asia, Europe, or North America. It has decent coverage in Central and South America, Australia, and even 3 PoP in Africa! The prices start at $29.95 per zone per year and an additional cost of $10 per PTR record. For the Reverse DNS, you will need to use PTR records. No-IP will provide excellent service, DNS monitor, great uptime, Dynamic DNS, Anycast DNS, unlimited queries, and more.

If you are willing to spend more, this service is totally worth it.


There is an easy way to use Reverse DNS, and it is through a Managed DNS provider. Those 4 Reverse DNS providers that we just showed you are a great choice. Go ahead and take a look at their offers. We hope you find the right one for you.

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