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5 popular examples of the Nslookup command5 popular examples of the Nslookup command

So, you have heard that there is a network command that works on any OS, and you would like to try it out, right? Then, you came to the right place! Here we have 5 popular examples of the Nslookup command that will show you its capability. After seeing them, you can decide if you should integrate them into your network toolset.

How to install the Nslookup command?


Testing Reverse DNS with Dig commandTesting Reverse DNS with Dig command

Testing if you have properly set a Reverse DNS zone and PTR records inside it is a straightforward task with the built-in tool Dig command. You can see if the IP address matches the domain name with a simple DNS lookup. So let’s get into it.

​What do we need?

  • Linux computer, or a Mac with Homebrew and Dig command installed.
  • The built-in tool that is called Dig command.
  • The IP address that you want to check.

​What is the Dig command?

The Dig command is a built-in command that you can find on any Linux distribution and serves for various DNS lookups, including a Reverse DNS lookup.

How does the Dig command work?